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company introduces
     HeBei JiShang Imports And Exports Trade co .,Ltd is sets up a file the being established by the Hebei Province commerce hall authorization to have one of certain scale Hebei Province foreign trade Specialized companies, its management scope includes: The needle textile, the livestock product, the manufactured item, the hardware alternating current, the minerals (coal and petroleum product exception), the instruments and meters...
  ·The new notice of adjusting export drawback has been issued,pls reading.
    Our company always pursue"Credit first ,Quality first and Service is first,Client is god" Welcome most customers from home and abroad to contact us,and wish sincerely to become good partners in business and good friend in life.
Product Recommendation
Address  : 448 Hepingxi road Shijiangzhuang Hebei Province
Telephone: 0311—87816935
Facsimile: 0311—87719442
Zip code : 050071
Website  : www.hbjst.com
E-mail   : hbjst@hbjst.com
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